CMS Development

An effective CMS can enable you to manage website contents, documents, images, videos and graphics which you are integrates in your website.

CMS (Content Management Service)

In this digital age, CMS is an integral part of any business. Content marketing is the soul of a digital marketing campaign. We at ICZAR Solutions create a revolutionary Enterprise Content Management System that is customized, flexible and facilitates easy editing.

We use Open source platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla to provide our clients plethora of productive support for content marketing.

Use us to make your brand more effective, have a strong online presence and high revenue turnover.

CMS is the need of business world because your website is your best tool for communicating with your customers.

How is CMS suitable for your business?

Effective Content Management and Collaboration:

CMS has simplified the amalgamation of the content into a single receptacle. It helps to curtail the content redundancy and sanctions multiple content contributors and editors to work under the same platform without interfering each other business. It empowers editors to work in real time and easily adapt the external assets.

Minimize Security Threats:

Since the CMS grants only authorized access to the contents, only privileged users can modify, edit or delete the contents. CMS also allows different privilege levels to each user so no one can meddle with the other user works. ACL is one of the best features on JOOMLA or DUPLAR that ensures the security of the contents.

Easy Maintenance:

CMS is easy to handle. Even a non-tech person can access the CMS, edit or update contents, without even rigorous training. The CMS software has the same underline architecture so there is no need to hire a professional for the maintenance, change, or update the software.

Increase Brand Value: Contents are the king of digital marketing. Quality content helps the customer to get accustomed to the brand. Customers feel emotionally connected with the enterprise and they can do one-to-one communication easily. CMS also helps brands to get real-time feedback on their products and allows them to handle customer grievances personally.

Overall, CMS is the only solution for your business today if you are looking for a way to

  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase your search engine ranking
  • Cross-selling and
  • Maintain the control over your contents

In one word, CMS is not only your business requirement but it is a necessity and we at ICZAR solve all your CMS related queries while giving you total control over technology.



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